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"Your image and style is everlasting. It creates a timeless space for you to authentically master confidence and truth. It is a creative form that illuminates THE LIGHT from within; and should be used to influence others and ultimately succeed in life. You are able to tell your story without speaking in your most-highest form"

In the Master's Hands

This program is designed to help develop your style confidence which translates into your signature style. Through a journey of personally developing your inner goddess, you are given tools to transform your life through style. Imagine being excited everyday about your own unique personal style instead of standing in your closet crying about having nothing to wear.

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Diamonds & Pearls

Every woman loves diamonds and pearls. Why not shine like a diamond and be placed in high regard as a pearl. Our deep value in self; helps us to define who we are, and how we want to be perceived in the world. The harsh reality is, we are judged by how we look. Why not be classic in your delivery. This course helps you to accessorize your style and shine the light that dwells within.

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The Accuracy

Learn the truth about undergarments. Why it is so important to wear them? How to choose the right type for a particular garment and your body type?

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Rosemary Vanilla Mint Tea

Learn to love your body type by understanding what types of garments and accessories flatter your body type. By taking control of the way you feel in your clothing; you will never say to yourself,“Nothing ever fits or looks good on me”. It is my pleasure to show you how to flatter your body type and feelgood while doing so.

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A Date with God Style Seminar

Typically women are very excited when its time to prepare for a date. We prepare in advance to get our hair and nails done, lay out our dress and shoes, and sometimes even call up the local mua for a sexy make up look. We may rehearse conversational questions or even choose a high end place to dine. Well, this is how we should prepare our inner goddess daily to meet the world.

This seminar is designed with styling games, ward robing workshops, virtual models and much much more to effectively cancel any insecurities about your personal style and bring back the fun in getting dressed every day.

Once we understand the goal in virtue is to please God daily, we can be “…visible manifestations of the power of God in the presence of people.”

Note: These are hosted virtually and internationally

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XOXO Style Party

Love is in the air. She’s loving herself and living her confidence. Why not celebrate your style freedom with a night (or day) of Beyoncé blasting on the tunes, glasses of wine/champagne, and a time to relax and/or play games with friends and loved ones.

With a host of treats like facials, manicures/pedicures, and massages we create a style ambiance like none other in your favorite boutique/clothing store (private after hours event)

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"Confident aesthetics; exude timeless style, expressing inner truth…"

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