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Does your credit score begin with a 3, 4, 5, or 6?
Are you in the 700+ club and want to learn how to maintain and/or exceed your current credit score?

By leveraging the Fair Credit Act, we want to share some tips and tools to help you remove negative items from your credit report and help you increase your credit score.

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Lots of people like receiving a check at the beginning of year that we all know as an income tax return. Did you know that refunds issued to you (or owed) is a reflection of how you’ve managed your income taxes for the year?  

Let us help you understand your taxes and how to maximize an accurate return.

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Often times, we run into financial hardships because we don’t know the many tools and resources available to us. It is important to create a healthy financial lifestyle to eliminate debt and low credit scores.

There are many areas in life where we must develop strategic practices to take control of our finances and live are best and desired successful life.

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"Creating informed and intentional healthy financial practices"

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