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"Your image and style is everlasting. It creates a timeless space for you to authentically master confidence and truth. It is a creative form that illuminates THE LIGHT from within; and should be used to influence others and ultimately succeed in life. You are able to tell your story without speaking in your most-highest form"

Tan Webb is passionate about serving and helping others to discover all the wonderful qualities locked inside. She believes, once you tap into your inner virtue, it exudes through your style.

Tan has over 10+ years experience in the fashion and retail industry. Tan begin her career as a personal stylist with J. Crew, then moved on to become the personal assistant to Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin. Tan has also completed the School of Style Personal Stylist Training Course.

She has hosted and produced fashion shows, creatively directed photo shoots, and helped many with personal makeovers and branding.

In working with celebrity clients and producing fashion shows, Tan discovered that her passion and purpose is serving others through self-improvement.Tan discovered that a person’s style is directly related to where that person is in life and how they feel. For example, if you feel like crap it will come through in your style; and your style will be crap.

It’s Tan’s desire to help all discover who they are and tap into the light within. Tan believes that when you look good and cultivate a timeless style; you will ultimately feel good and succeed in life.

Tan Webb

Fashion Stylist

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Fashion Services:

  • Image Consulting
  • Personal Styling
  • Fashion Education

"Confident aesthetics; exude timeless style, expressing inner truth…"

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